Buoy lamp

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Design: Markus Nevalainen

The Buoy lamp is a dimmable lamp that can be placed on the floor, on the table or taken to bed for reading. Swinging or pushing the lamp gently turns it on. The lamp will start dimming when it is held in a diagonal position. The dimming will stop when the desired level of light is chosen and the lamp is returned back to the vertical position. Tilting the lamp down turns the lamp off. The base of the lamp is soft and heavy, so the lamp will swing slowly back and forth for a while every time it has been pushed or switched on.
After a gentle touch of the lamp, it will always provide you the right amount of warm and soft light in various situations.
Buoy lamp consists of a rotation molded 3 mm thick opal polypropylene diffuser and a black polyurethane base with a control card in it. The light source is A60 W / E27. Measurements: H 42 cm, ø 24 cm.

  • Date: 2005
  • Client: Lucepura, Italy
  • Filed under: product design
Photo: Tuomas Marttila