Dress chair

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Design: Rane Vaskivuori, Timo Vierros

The Dress chair is a comfortable and light easy chair. Steel leg structure of the chair is supporting the cushion-like seat that seems to hover above the ground. Upholstered seat pad can be easily removed just by sliding it off the leg. Thus it can be turned over, cleaned or changed. The chair is stackable.
The Dress chair can be used for example at a dinner table, in a lounge or in a conference room, just to give few examples of its versatility. Removable cover allows you to change the look of the chair easily. Materials: Powder coated steel leg, fully upholstered seat. Measurements: W.75cm, D.63cm, H.82cm.

  • Date: 1998
  • Client: Snowcrash Ab
  • Filed under: product design
Photo: Tuomas Marttila
Photo: Tuomas Marttila