OKA coatracks

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Designer: Teppo Asikainen

Manufacturer: www.inno.fi

Oka A, hanging coatrack:
Coatrack hangs from ceiling with a steel wire. It rotates and moves sideways, doesn’t take floor space and makes cleaning much easier. Equipped with 6 hooks and a height adjusting mechanism. Material: chromed steel and polyurethan. Standard colours of hooks: dark grey, lime green and orange.Length of wire 200 cm.

Oka B, standing coatrack: Equipped with 6 hooks. Material: epoxy coated steel and polyurethan. Standard colours of frame: white, black and aluminium colour. coloures of hooks as in hanging version. Size: base 400 x 400 and height 1840 mm.

fennia prize05

  • Date: 2004
  • Client: Inno Oy
  • Filed under: product design