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Design: Kari Sivonen

Photon, a portable solar panel system (prototype) for the exhibition project SAUMA [Design As Cultural Interface]

Prototype made by Clothing+

Photon is intended for everyday situations and extreme mobile uses. It is especially designed for paddlers, but it adapts to other uses as well. The system consists of a flat waterproof dry-bag, a mobile phone case and a shoulder strap. Solar cells have been placed in the strap to maximize their exposure to the sun. The panel is easy to take along and is always ready for use when there is light. It can be used for charging the cell phone’s battery. The strap can also be detached and used on its own on top of a canoe, a boat and a car, or it can be attached to another bag. Measurements Dry bag, L800 x W420 mm. Shoulder strap with solar panels, L 800 x W160 mm Mobile phone case, L180 x W160 mm.

  • Date: 2005
  • Client: Experimental product design
  • Filed under: product design