Two-step coat rack

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Design: Timo Vierros

Manufacturer: www

The smart tubular structure in the coat rack makes it lightweight and stackable. These properties make the coat rack ideal anywhere where flexibility is an advantage. Lightweight makes it easy to move the coat rack. It stacks sideways effectively, making it perfect even for temporary use. Racks connect to each other by connector piece and form rigid lines. The wavy foot tube and tilted vertical tubes form visually interesting curtain shape. It has 12 hooks and four pegs for hats and can also be used with coat hangers. Material: epoxy coated (aluminium, white, black) or chromed steel. Measurements: 100 x 179 x 46 cm.

  • Date: 2003
  • Client: Inno Oy
  • Filed under: product design
Photo: Tuomas Marttila